Basic Bets in Craps

Ignition AU

Craps is the fastest moving table game you will find in a casino. It is also extremely loud, and can therefore be intimidating to new players. However, if you familiarize yourself with the rules, you will be fully prepared to have a go at this exciting casino game without feeling too anxious. Approaching the craps table in a casino can be a daunting experience, but educating yourself is the way to overcome that obstacle and settle in.

The game is played with a pair of dice. These are tossed by the "shooter" from one end of the table to the other, making sure that both die hit the opposite side wall of the table. Payoffs are based on the combination of numbers that the dice land on. Contrary to many people's expectations, craps is not as confusing as it looks. The first thing to understand is the basic Pass Line bet, as this will get you started. A Pass Line bet is placed before a new shooter makes his first roll, known as the "come out" roll. Then, if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, you win. If he rolls a 2, 3 or 12, you lose. If any other number is rolled, that number becomes what is called the "point" number and the dealer will place a marker on that number on the table, meaning the shooter must roll it again before a 7 is rolled. If the shooter succeeds in rolling the point number before a 7, you win your Pass Line bet and that shooter can start again. If he fails and a 7 is rolled first, you lose and a new shooter is given the dice.

You can also make an additional bet on top of your Pass Line bet known as the "odds bet." This bet can be made after the point number has been established on the table. The odds bet is the only bet in a casino that doesn't favor the House, as it is paid off with true odds. Most casinos will offer double odds, meaning you can make an odds bet twice the size of the Pass Line bet you have already made. The odds bets are played to a fix set of odds depending on the point number. If the point number is 4 or 10, the odds bet pays out 2 to 1. If the point is 5 or 9, it pays out at 3 to 2. And if the point number is 6 or 8, then the odds bet pays out at 6 to 5.

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